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A City Guide? A city guide:

  • Our Philly's mission is to facilitate a deeper understanding and connection with the city.
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Each of us lives our own Philadelphia. You have your version, and I have mine, and so on down the line for 1.6 million of us. Neither you nor I will ever live Philly in full - it has too much to offer, too much going on. And so, living within our own means , we're forced to choose our best sliver from a shared menu of options ever-growing and inexhaustible. Our Philly is an effort to create that menu, compiled by Philadelphians for other Philadelphians (use the improve page to submit and sign up to use the Flag feature for edits).

While Yelp serves to connect us to local businesses, Our Philly serves to connect you to community, to the city. It's our hope that by organizing this information under one roof you’ll be more likely to embrace new avenues of city-living that might otherwise remain untapped, and ultimately enjoy a more dynamic and rewarding city experience, just as a library-goer that visits for Business is better fed for having noticed and eventually sampled History, Literature, and all other departments of knowledge. Our Philly is here to help you see Philly better, know Philly better, live Philly better. It's just another lens.

But the information is useless without your intention to dig and explore. So dig, explore. By living widely (something possible in Philly but not everywhere), we develop empathy for other citizens, new sensibilities, new perspectives, new knowledge, new habits and then passions, fewer blind spots and so less ignorance and so less fear. By living widely we live well. Our mission is to help you live well, and so widely.