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We index any open group in the city. We included internet groups - forums and Facebook Groups. Each feed is ranked by most ❤️s. You can submit a new group to any feed at the top where it says 'add an item to this list', or you can DM us on Instagram about something that's missing or needs to be edited.

Online Groups

Facebook Groups:

Internet forums and subreddits:


Arts & Crafts Groups

Online and offline groups for the arts:

We don't keep information on the membership pricing, but these spots all offer memberships (typically includes regular events):

Fitness Groups

Sports Leagues

HeyDay is the big sports league provider here but there are other good options. Some sports have committed Facebook Groups for pickup games.


Any spot with a membership:


Park friend groups and neighborhood associations. Check if your has a mailing list or active Instagram, as some are great sources of information. They'll typically do neighborhood clean ups or host meetings to discuss important issues (new construction, crime, etc.):



Class providers for anything. Museums also offer courses and lectures.


LGBTQ Groups


Other Groups