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Litter Insights
Selected media about Philly's litter issue, ranked by most ❤️s on Our Philly. Why so much litter and dumping?
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Zero Waste & Litter Action Plan
Editor's Pick ⭐
Environmental Care
Philly's plan to become a Zero Waste, litter-free city by 2035.
How to Fix Philly's Trash Problem
City’s former Waste and Litter Czar shares what he’s learned about how to clean the city up.
Philly’s Litter Problem
Editor's Pick ⭐
Why is the trash issue so bad here and what can be done about it? A podcast episode from Radio Times.
Street sweeping is back: What to know about Kenney’s $62 million cleaning plan
Background on the proposed street sweeping program that would build off of a 2019 pilot.
Trash, trash and more trash
Ya Fav Trashman speaks to the City Controller about why sanitation performance has declined.
City of Philadelphia Litter Index
Warning: doesn't always load. Mapping project displays the amount of litter in each area of the city. Informs City's cleanup strategy.
Cleaning up Philly's Trashy Reputation
Podcast episode with Philly's former Zero Waste and Litter Director on litter, zero waste, and recycling problems.
Episode - S1 Ep 13 - Ya Fav Trashman
Ya Fav Trashman speaks to PPD Captain about the connection between blight and gun violence.
How Two Neighborhoods Are Fighting Litter In Their Community
Patchwork of city resources, community groups, individuals work to free their neighborhoods of trash.
Philadelphia Litter PSA (Sylvester Stallone)
Sly tells us "don't litter". Let's go for the title, huh? #1.
Philly says hidden cameras, higher fines help catch more illegal dumpers
In all of 2016, only 16 dumping cases went to trial and just four of them were successfully prosecuted.
Why Philly’s Streets Department is ending its experiment with leaf blowers
Armed with gas-powered leaf blowers, sanitation workers pushed trash from curb lines into the center of the street.
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